About Energy Savings

Have it all with KNIGHT…

The smartest way to heat your home!

The ENERGY STAR means energy savings.

KNIGHT meets very strict ENERGY STAR efficiency guidelines set by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. Its remarkable 96% AFUE* efficiency rating means that 96 cents of every energy dollar you spend with your gas utility provider goes directly into heating your home. In lower-temperature applications such as radiant floor heating, KNIGHT can deliver even higher thermal efficiencies up to 99%.

Lower emissions, lower bills.

With NOx emissions less than 20 ppm, KNIGHT is “green” for the environment, and delivers significant energy cost savings compared to boilers with the 80% minimum AFUE requirement for new housing. KNIGHT savings are even higher compared to 75% or lower AFUE units found in many older homes.

*Compared to a 75% AFUE boiler and based on 80,000 Btu heating load over 2,000 hours of operation and a fuel cost of $1.13 per therm.

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